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As it gently coaxes the body into experiencing relaxation,
and healing, massage creates a sense of physical and mental
restoration. Serenity and an improved quality of well-being ensue.

The Signature Massage
Indulgence begins with a body polish made of a sugar-based
almond scrub to remove dead surface cells. Brighter, smoother
skin is revealed as hot steam towels are placed on the body to
further exfoliate and open the pores. A luxurious full body
massage with essential oils incorporates the use of warm Baltic
Sea stones into the massage for deep relaxation. A treatment fit
for royalty. 80 Minutes $110

Two therapists and four hands working in harmony together.
Enjoy pure pleasure and a deeper level of relaxation while
receiving this treatment fit for royalty. Perfect for the spa-goer
that loves to be pampered!
55 Minutes $140 80 Minutes $200 110 Minutes $250

This takes a massage to the next level. Incorporating the use
of fat, smooth Baltic Sea stones, the stones are warmed and
become an extension of the therapist's hands. Stone Therapy
is thought to bring energy centers in the body into balance and
harmony. Provides deep relaxation, promotes healing, increases
circulation, and melts away stress; rebalancing the mind, body
and soul. 80 Minutes $95 110 Minutes $135

Indulge yourself with a relaxing, soothing, all over body massage.
A half hour massage includes neck, shoulders, and upper back.
A one hour massage is an all over body massage. Either one you
choose, you'll see the benefits of massage: increased energy, less
stress, and an overall sense of well being.
25 Minutes $38 55 Minutes $68 80 Minutes $90 110 Minutes $120
Series of ( 4 ) 55 minute massages $220

Used to release chronic patterns of muscular tension using slow
strokes, direct pressure, or friction. Often the movements are
directed across the grain of the muscle using fingers, thumbs, or
even elbows. Applied with greater pressure and at deeper layers
of the muscle than Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage tends
to be more focused on a problem area rather than all over.
25 Minutes $40 55 Minutes $75 80 Minutes $100 110 Minutes $130
Series of ( 4 ) 55 minute massages $260
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