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Based on the Chinese theory of the circulation of subtle energy
meridians running through and over the body that ultimately
governs the internal organs and thus our entire metabolism.
Shiatsu involves pressing points on the body, stretching
and opening the energy meridians. Somewhat related to
acupuncture, Shiatsu is viewed as a form of treatment alternative
to medicine or surgery.
55 Minutes $75

The use of essential oils is one of the oldest remedies applied
to the skin to relieve sore muscles, re-energize, relax, and
calm. Only pure, distilled essential oils are used during this
invigorating massage. A perfect treatment for anyone who
needs to de-stress.
55 Minutes $75


What could be better than being pampered with a luxurious
massage? Sharing it with someone special! Whether it's the
love of your life, your mother, sister, or friend; enjoy our private
couples room and have your treatments performed side by side.
It's always better to spa together!
55 Minutes $140 80 Minutes $200 110 Minutes $250

A luxurious celebration beginning
with a lavish foot soak to prepare for
a strawberry sugar exfoliation and
moisturizing envelopment. The feet
are wrapped in warm steam towels
bringing nourishment to the skin.
This experience is complimented with
a glass of champagne.
55 Minutes $130 80 Minutes $180

Your senses will be pleased with the sight and smell of roses.
Your skin will be moisturized and nourished with the soothing
spa quality botanicals of rose, chamomile, and hibiscus. After
the skin is delicately exfoliated, a massage of the facial skin, neck,
and shoulders will deeply relax you. Proper skin atonement and
custom moisturization completes this service. You emerge with
smooth, silky skin ready for romance.
55 Minutes $160 80 Minutes $190
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