Spa Services

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  • The Signature / 4 Layer Facial
  • This amazing treatment will have you telling all your friends!  The face is cleansed, toned, and deeply exfoliated.  A layer of skin firming Vitamin C serum is applied, followed by a hydrating facial and neck massage.  A mask of pure seaweed is smoothed over the skin while another warm mask of minerals and essential oils is layered on top.  This pampering session ends with a hand, foot, and relaxing scalp treatment.  Sinful!
    • Time:  80 Minutes$120
  • Stone Therapy Facial
  • Incorporates the use of heated stones on various points of the face. This is very therapeutic and beneficial for those with sinus problems or frequent headaches. Restoring balance, stone therapy provides deep relaxation.
    • Time:  50 Minutes$90
    • Time: 80 Minutes $110
  • European Seaweed Facial
  • Exposure to the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke, and daily grime leaves the skin sensitive and dehydrated. Gentle cleansing with a milk and honey mask is followed by a soothing massage with a seaweed serum rich in Vitamin C, minerals, and proteins.  The facial ends with a cooling and soothing fresh seaweed mask.  Skin is clean, refreshed, healthy, and radiant.
    • Time:  50 Minutes$95
    • Time:  80 Minutes $115
  • Custom European Facial
  • Double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, masque, hydration and a heavenly face neck and shoulder massage. Our Custom Euro is an excellent introduction a regular skincare regime. This facial is customized at every step by your skin care therapist. Can be customized and focused for pigmentation, acne, aging or hydration.
    • Time:  50 Minutes $78
    • Time:  80 Minutes $100
  • Men's Executive Facial
    • Time:  50 Minutes$78
  • Back Treatment
    • Time:  50 Minutes
  • Couples Romance & Roses Facial
  • Your senses will be pleased with the sight and smell of roses.  Your skin will be moisturized and nourished with the soothing spa quality botanicals of rose, chamomile, and hibiscus.  After the skin is delicately exfoliated, a massage of facial skin, neck and shoulders will deeply relax you. Proper skin atonement and custom moisturization completes this service.  You emerge with smooth, silky skin ready for romance. 
    • Time:  50 Minutes$160
    • Time:  80 Minutes $200
  • Back Facial
    • $80 & UP

At Platinum Salon & Spa, our clients come first. We give quality attention and time to each and every person. Our professional, talented, and highly trained staff await you. Dermalogica products use only the finest ingredients. Each product is tested for absolute purity and contamination-free packaging is used. There are no "fillers" in any of their products. We believe it is the best skin care line on the market today.

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Enhance Your Facial with Add On Treatments

  • Must be scheduled with a skin care treatment
  • Brighten UP$15
    Reveal remarkable younger looking skin with a revolutionary blend of hydroxyl acids, enzymes and vitamins. This deeply exfoliating treatment removes dulling surface debris, stimulates cell renewal and unveils a youthful dewy glow.
  • Relax$15
    Reduce stress and muscle tension by adding a relaxing scalp, neck and shoulders massage with your skin care treatment.
  • Anti-Aging Eyes$15
    A gentle cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a pressure point massage, increases circulation and diminishes dark circles. A hydrating, calming masque will help eliminate puffiness while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Aging doesn't stand a chance with this treatment! A must try!
  • Brighten Up$15
    For unsurpassed firming and toning all over, this specialized service will leave the skin feeling revitalized, supple and balanced. Ideal for sensitive skin or pigmentation as well as tired, dull skin that wants a bright healthy glow. Goes hand & hand with the Exfoliate treatment and a great addition to the Custom European.
  • Add Hot Stones to any facial:$10

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  • Swedish Massage
  • Indulge yourself with a relaxing, soothing, all over body massage. Leave with an all over sense of well-being. A half hour massage includes neck, shoulders, and upper back. A one hour massage is an all over body massage. Either one you choose, you'll see the benefits of massage: increased energy, less stress, and an overall sense of well being.
    • Time: 25 Minutes$42
    • Time: 50 Minutes$75
    • Time: 80 Minutes$100
    • Time: 110 Minutes$125
      • Add-ons
      • Hot Stones:$10
      • CBD Oil:$15
      • Cupping:$15
      • Aromatherapy Oil:$10
  • Deep Tissue
  • Used to release chronic patterns of muscular tension using deep strokes, direct pressure, or friction. Often the movements are directed across the grain of the muscle using fingers, thumbs, or even elbows. Applied with greater pressure and at deeper layers of the muscle than Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage tends to be more focused on a problem area rather than all over.
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Used to release chronic patterns of muscular tension using deep strokes, direct pressure, or friction. Often the movements are directed across the grain of the muscle using fingers, thumbs, or even elbows. Applied with greater pressure and at deeper layers of the muscle than Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage tends to be more focused on a problem area rather than all over.
  • Couples Massage
  • What could be better than being pampered with a luxurious massage? Sharing it with someone special! Whether it's the love of your life, your mother, your father, daughter, sister, or friend; enjoy your private couples room. Choose from a 50 minute, 80 minute or indulge in the 110 minute massage and have them performed side-by-side. It's even better to spa together! *Prices include both people.
    • Time: 50 Minutes$150
    • Time:  80 Minutes $200
    • Time:  110 Minutes $250
  • The Signature Massage
  • Indulgence begins with a body polish made of a sugar-based almond scrub to remove dead surface cells. Brighter, smoother skin is revealed as hot steam towels are placed on the body to further exfoliate and open the pores. A luxurious full body massage with essential oils incorporates the use of warm stones into the massage for deep relaxation. A treatment fit for royalty.
    • Time: 80 minutes $120
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • This is a pain-relief technique to alleviate muscle spasms and cramping. The therapist locates and deactivates "trigger points," which are often tender areas where muscles have been damaged or acquired a recurring spasm that worsens painfully when aggravated. Pressure is applied to trigger points for 7-10 seconds. It can be momentarily painful, but is greatly relieving. People with chronic muscle tension and associated pain are likely to benefit greatly from this treatment.
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Experience the art of the ancient Hawa massage ritual. Using full body massage strokes that travel the length of the body in soothing waves enabling you to relax and allow your stresses to melt into the table. Due to the free flowing nature and unique draping style of Lomi Lomi, it is recommended for experienced spa goers.
  • Reflexology
  • Based on the belief that there are places on the feet and hands that correspond to parts of the body such as internal organs and joints. Manipulating those parts of the feet or hands can have direct effects on corresponding parts of the body. Reflexology works by way of the neuro-reflex points found in the hands and feet.
  • Reiki
  • A gentle hands-on healing technique to reduce stress, relieve pain, and facilitate healing. Practitioners hold that the vital energy of the universe is channeled through the practitioner to energize the various body systems on levels that promote healing and wholeness. The hands are used to scan your body and to perceive and treat areas of reduced vitality.
  • Shiatsu
  • Based on the Chinese theory of the circulation of subtle energy through meridians running through and over the body which ultimately govern the internal organs and thus our entire metabolism. Shiatsu involves pressing points on the body, stretching and opening the energy meridians. Somewhat related to acupuncture, Shiatsu is viewed as a form of treatment alternative to medicine or surgery.
  • The Signature Manicure
  • As your hands are surrounded by hot steam towels and warm sea stones, you will begin to deeply relax. An exfoliating hand and arm treatment infused with pulverized olive, fig, and date seeds will remove dulling surface debris while the relaxing hand and arm massage and lavender wax treatment will stimulate cell renewal.
    • Time:  40 minutes$48
  • Shellac
  • Getting nail polish to last for more than a few days is like trying to pull a rabbit from a hat... but not anymore! MEET SHELLAC! Don't polish those nails... SHELLAC them! Get shiny, glossy nails that last for up to 14 days! Say good-bye to nicks, chips & smudges! At the end of your service, your nails will be 100% dry! No worrying about nicking those perfectly polished nails hours later! No more drying time. No chips or cracks days later. No more weak, thin or damaged nails caused by acrylics & drills. Don't wait any longer... see what the buzz is all about. Meet SHELLAC and get a new, better way to have the nails you've always wanted.
    • Shellac Color:  45 Minutes$45
    • Shellac French:  50 Minutes $55
  • Spa Manicure
  • More than just a manicure, the spa manicure begins with an invigorating citrus soak for your cuticles, followed by an exfoliation treatment with alpha hydroxy citrus acids. Crystal activator gently removes dead skin cells for the A.H.A. complex penetration. Ending the manicure, a great massage with Creatives Finishing Lotion infused with ceramides and Vitamin E. Leaves hands smoother, younger looking, and soft.
    • Time:  25 Minutes$30
    • Time: 40 Minutes includes Paraffin Wax Treatment$38
  • Classic Manicure
  • A quick "pick me up" for tired hands. Enjoy a hand massage, cuticle treatment, and you choice of color polish.
    • Time:  25 Minutes $22
    • Vinylux $28
  • Executive Manicure
  • Men's exclusive service. Perfect for the business man who needs to keep his hands nicely manicured. Service includes a hand massage, cuticle treatment, and nails buffed to a natural shine.
    • Time:  25 Minutes $20

  • The Signature Pedicure
  • The journey begins with a soothing foot soak, an extensive foot and leg exfoliation treatment.  Hot steam towels relax and renew the feet and prepare them for the soothing mud masque. Extremities are wrapped and then massaged. Paraffin Wax treatment.  Callus and cuticle removal end this pampering treatment.
    • Time:  80 Minutes $85
  • Hot Stone Pedicure
  • You begin with a soothing foot soak to soften skin and relieve stress. Next, your feet are thoroughly exfoliated to remove roughness, dryness, and dead skin. Smooth, warm Baltic sea stones are then massaged into your feet and calves, rubbing out tension in an experience like no other. Finally a silky lotion is applied, leaving you invigorated and ready to walk out into the world again.
    • Time:  55 Minutes$70
  • Couples & Champagne Pedicure
  • A luxurious celebration beginning with a lavish foot soak to prepare for a strawberry sugar exfoliation and moisturizing envelopment. The feet are wrapped in warm steamed towels bringing nourishment to the skin. This experience is complemented with a glass of champagne. *Prices include both people
    • Time:  55 Minutes $130
    • Time:  80 Minutes $180
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Pamper your feet first by soaking them in a whirlpool foot bath with Sea Rock Salt, a softening, hydrating, aromatherapeutic foot bath treatment containing tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, rice bran oil, Dead Sea salt, and Vitamin E. Next, we use natural beach sand, marine A.H.A. complex and quartz crystals to remove dead skin. A sea marine masque with spearmint oil is applied. This pampering session ends with yet another foot massage and highly effective callus treatment.
    • Time:  40 Minutes $50
    • Time:  55 Minutes $68
    • French  $54
    • With Paraffin Wax Treatment Time:  55 Minutes $68
  • Executive Pedicure
  • Men's exclusive service.
    • Time:  40 Minutes$48

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